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Alien hand, this 3D printed masterpiece has 6 fingers and is printed in Green, purple and Blue PLA. It hold all standard control pads (Xbox, Playstation and Switch). 

⚠️ Safety Warning: 
Our 3D printed gifts are lovingly made with adults in mind and are not intended for small children. Items may contain small parts and/or sharp elements which may pose as a choking hazard. 
🦡 The Witty Badger🦡  is not responsible for any damage caused by improper use.

🛠️ Artistic Note: 3D printing is an interesting art and is full of unique features such as visible layer lines which vary from item to item, there are no two items the same. These should be seen as quirky differences and not as flaws or errors, this is what makes these features and items unique. Please be assured, we are quality checking all of our prints to ensure we are delivering excellence with every item we create and dispatch.

We are authorised to sell and print this design by STLFLIX

Alien Hand Console Controller Display Stand (Tri Colour)

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