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You asked, we delivered! New products New Website

You may have wondered why we've been a little quiet since our last New Years Blog, well, we have been working away on some fantastic new ideas. Up until now we have majored on Childrens book cushions which have been super successful, they've taken our community and customer base by storm, you can check them out here if you've not seen them yet. Now obviously I'm a little biased but we've seen many copy cats and 'me too' attempt to copy these which our loyal customers have pointed us too. But none seem to have the depth in colour, unique designs and high quality stitching we've been priding ourselves on for the last couple of years.

We are always going to continue making and providing these children's book cushions as long as there is demand for them, and we know people will always be having babies, we also know that people will always be promoting reading amongst children. Especially in todays digital world where everyone seems to have a tablet or phone glued to their nose. Reading is here to last and so will our children's book cushions. But...

We've also recognised that there are other audiences out there that we've been meaning to focus on and develop some new products for, which should widen our potential whilst expanding our portfolio. In light of this we've decided to work on several aspects of our business. First stop was the website, we seem to get lots of views over at our Etsy store, we've got the odd sale over at our 'New' Amazon store, and our 4500+ likes on facebook continue to amaze and humble us. The website though doesn't appear to get the traction and visibility we think it deserves, so with immediate effect we will be working behind the scenes on developing the look and feel of our site to hopefully drive more relevant visitors to our store.

We think the shop navigation could be better, so will be addressing that, we think there could be more descriptions of our handmade personalised products so will be spending longer on each item once listed to make it look perfect. The same goes for the photography of each of our products, the more we do, the more professional we aim for it to look and feel. Once we've done some of these jobs (none of them are easy as they sound when balancing other responsibilities) we will then be focusing on cool new items.

We want to be making some great new personalised items such as, Tooth fairy cushions, personalised family trees for those special gifts perfect for framing. We have found some fantastic designs for bags and hoodies too! We've got some awesome ideas for the spiritual community, Great new wildlife patterns and designs for those that love Owls, Giraffes and elephants. Finally we are also going to be developing and focusing on some gifts for him for all occasions such as Bath and wash kits for stag do's, marriage parties and gifts, for the groom, best man and ushers. High quality products with personalised options. Or even those novelty joke type designs... So as you can see we have lots planned and going on. If you've got something you think we should be adding to this list then please do get in touch and let us know. We welcome all ideas and enjoy the challenge.

I hope this little update blog gives you some inspiration for future gifts and that we can help you provide something that extra little bit special. If you don't follow us on twitter or like our page on Facebook and have found us through Google please pop over to the social media platforms for a chance to see our latest competition or giveaways.

Thanks as always for reading


Springbok Crafts

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