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Our Top 10 Easter Gifts for 2022

Number 1

This is a new product we have created specific for Easter and for those who would like something personalised.

This unique item is a handmade basket with the embroidery 'My first Easter' the fabric used is a nice whimsical bunny pattern with stitching to match. This gift is also available personalised with a child's name so is available to everyone not just those children celebrating their 1st Easter.

The bunny inside the basket is a cream bunny, this is the perfect gift for anyone shopping for friends and family and has been a show stopper at the events and shows we have been to. These are made to order so please get in touch if you would like one personalised. Buy it here

Number 2

Another popular favourite among our customers is this awesome egg collecting bag, suitable for those on the hunt!

This bag is made using a pure cotton canvas and comes customised with your child's name, the eggs can be coloured with your favourite colours or patterns subject to the fabrics we have in stock.

This popular item is a family's go to favourite, not too expensive and can be used every year, truly keeping that magical spirit alive and kept for a keepsake there after. Buy it here

Number 3

At number three on our list, these phenomenal Easter egg hunt signs are proving to be popular. A new creation in our product set, but truly useful and can be re-used every year.

These popular bunny signs can be made for use indoor or out, they're extremely popular for communities putting on Easter egg hunts for local schools or events.

We're selling these individually and in packs, so please let us know what quantities you would like and if we can help you with some special personalisation on them!

Buy it here

Number 4

Whilst this product isn't technically listed in our store, it is a fantastic Easter item, and has a special place in the Easter egg hunt.

These little bundles of joy are tiny little nests that hold the smaller eggs, these are extremely well made. We don't have them listed in our store as they're only available for bulk purchase due to the cost and time involved in making these items. They're available by request in minimum order sizes of 10+

Available by request

Number 5

At the half way point in our top 10 Easter product is this gorgeous paper craft Peter Rabbit egg basket.

This paper craft egg basket is handmade and the perfect option for dressing up those Easter eggs as part of an Easter egg hunt or for the final display in any Egg parades.

Available by request

Number 6

These perfect little bags are ideal for the little ones, the bags last a lifetime and can be used over and over.

These miniature bags are a great addition to anyone looking to expand on their Easter treat surprises.

These can be hidden anywhere and hold the miniature type eggs you might find with Tin foil wrapping on, they hold roughly 5-6 eggs per bag.

Available by request

Number 7

These multi coloured bunny bags come in a variety of colours and are all beautifully hand made with a loving touch.

These cute little bags hold one large sized egg or are great for use for small eggs on a hunt. They come in many colours, we could make these to any colour of your choice as seen in the picture below.

Buy it here

Number 8

Our bunny egg basket is a super cute way to gift an egg. A Gorgeous pink and white bunny that holds one large egg or a number of small ones.

This cute bunny basket really adds the touch of the easter bunny to the Easter celebrations. Made of felt and can be made in different colours with a ribbon to match it is available in 3 sizes the largest being nearly 8 inches big.

Buy it here

Number 9

Bunny treat bags are cute little ways to gift an Easter treat made using felt and pastel cottons these cater for everyone. We have a boy and a girl design available.

They make perfect additions to Easter egg hunts or as little gifts for an Easter party.

Buy it here

Number 10

This is the final product in our top 10 products of Easter blog, our ever so popular personalised soft toys this gorgeous bunny is available in grey or white we also have a gorgeous lamb toy too.

The stuffing can be removed and these double up as a pyjama case. All our large soft toys can be embroidered with a selection of Easter greetings to choose from. These large cuddy toys are extremely popular for all occasions and this year we have opened them up for Easter.

Buy it here

As a side note, we do not supply any Easter eggs with actual Chocolate through our site.

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