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Handmade or brand made?

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

The last time we put out a blog it was our very first blog and something I felt was a great starting place, it was based on should you start your own handmade business with a little background and history in how we got into the craft industry. This time we thought we would talk about something a little similar and something equally close to our hearts.

For years I've been surrounded by people buying the latest horse riding gear, or expensive T-shirts from top high street brands. Even my partner is loyal to brands that sponsor his football team. I've got a slightly different view as I tried to explain to my sister only today. Why do we continue to put money in the pockets of those who are already rich? just to keep up with the 'In crowd' there are so many other options out there that don't seem to be considered by the masses.

I've been creating and designing new custom handmade items which in many ways are superior to some expensive alternatives, we notice several benefits not just based on cost. You'll see a certain element of love and care going into every item, we don't have factories mass producing each item so quality control is higher. The attention to detail and passion for the final product is also something that takes pride of place in any small business dealing with this sort of product.

There have been several times I've been commissioned to do a piece of work where I've stitched it out, deleted and started again until it is perfect. No way am I going to put something out there with our name associated where the quality isn't up to scratch, even if it is at my cost! Perfection is really important, customer satisfaction means a lot to me.

So when you've got a business where customer satisfaction is important, repeat business and customers are vital, making sure we stick to these values are essential. So why do people continue to be loyal to the big named brands? I appreciate online shopping is easy, accessible and relatively cheap. But at what cost? I don't believe they last longer than hand made items, I don't believe big brands such as Nike or Joules are any more durable for the 300% price difference a smaller hand made business can offer. Brand awareness and popularity is the only real argument.

I'd take that opportunity to remind you, you are just making them richer every time you spend with them. Take a leaf out of my book, don't make the rich richer, spend it with local businesses, smaller businesses and spread the love and put money back into your community. I'm not pushing for you to spend money with me or stop buying your favourite Apple products, but consider alternatives, the next time you shop around look for handmade, support the little business so we don't all become sheep, or materialistic image driven robots and give a gift that is unique.

I welcome feedback on any of our blogs, feel free to comment or get in touch.


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