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Gloucester Quays Christmas Market

We have been pretty quiet on our social media platforms over the last month or so, we are in deep preparation for the Christmas market at Gloucester Quays in mid November, we were there last year for our first ever visit. Not knowing what to expect we took a gamble on the pitch fees, we were extremely happy with the event for many reasons, I'll list a few.

-The attendance was super high, people came from all over by the bus load.

-It was organised extremely well, adverts and marketing activity throughout the months leading up to it.

-Location is fantastic.

This year we are going again, we have made some better decisions this year learning from last year. We are embracing the Victorian theme (we did last year too, but have better costumes this time), we've spent a lot of time and effort in making our stall seem welcoming and Christmassy too. And between now and when we get there we are building up our stock levels on our popular designs, the Brother PR embroidery machines are working pretty much 12 hours a day to be ready, My mum and I are sewing everything up in between just to be ready and have enough stock for the demand of the show.

Most of this stems from paying the extra to be there over both weekends, last year we were lucky and had a last minute cancellation spot which only gave us a few days, that alone was a drain on our stock, we didn't realise how popular our children's book cushions would be, this year we have learnt from last year, things like Dinosaurs and Unicorns went first so we have made extra of these, some of the other designs were a little slower.

We think we have the right ratios this time, we are also going to stay in the local area so we don't have to travel back and forth to Gloucester each day, this should also keep us energised throughout the whole event, god knows how my partner will cope doing the 'house wife' activities for that week, dealing with the school run etc...

If you're coming to the Gloucester Quays Christmas Market 2019 please do come and say hello, we are currently running a competition on our facebook page showing off the same Childrens book cushions mentioned above, we have been hanging around the 4600 to 4700 likes on our page for some time now, we are trying to give it a push to hit that 5000 mark, so if you don't already, please like our facebook page similarly give us a follow on twitter.

I'm looking forward to this market to push some of our new designs, as mentioned above I've been quiet online, haven't even had time to update the website, but we've got some brand new products that haven't even been seen by anyone yet, so they'll be getting their debut and unveiling at this Christmas market. We hope you like them.

Thanks to everyone who reads our blogs and supports our business it's a pleasure to make beautiful handmade items for you all, I've been receiving great feedback recently when people receive their item who can't quite believe the difference from seeing it online to receiving it in their hands. 2020 will be the next level for this business after the mad Christmas rush has died down we are going to be moving full steam ahead in new products and keeping the site up to date, if you've got any feedback or suggestions on products you would like to see in our store please do get in touch with suggestions.

I hope to see you at some of the events we try and get to, building relationships with our customers and hearing the stories of how our products have made people happy are what make it all worth while.

See you soon


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